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([personal profile] piratequeen Jul. 21st, 2017 09:56 am)
I can't even wrap my head around how this is going to happen. This sounds like a terrible idea.


Part of the reason why I love One Piece is that it is completely ridiculous. I mean, we have a rubber man for a main character, snails for telephones, fishmen, a shapeshifting reindeer, a cyborg who runs around in a speedo, and an animated skeleton. This is either going to have an effects budget through the roof, or be completely terrible.
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Warning: this post contains spoilers for Yuri on Ice!

I'm not really sure where to start with Yuri. I guess I should start with the short version of how I started watching Yuri on Ice, because it ties in with why I love Yuri as a character so much.

spoilers and many images below the cut )
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A new short story from me today, The Witch in the Tower, up at Fireside Fiction.

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Hola, all.

Realized it's been a little bit longer than usual since I posted here last. Things are going okay; I'm posting and reblogging (mostly reblogging) on Tumblr. I'm also getting things together for online handmade jewelry sales- last week I got my business certificate! Turns out Workbar, the co-working space company, has a 'community' option for people who only need a physical place of business on a very limited basis, and the city of Boston seems to be okay with that as an address (it is, after all, commercial real estate). I'll be setting up an account at Aftcra.com to sell stuff. Aftcra is an online craft seller that's based in Wisconsin, and their big distinguishing points are: 1. All sellers based in the United States. 2. No 'vintage' or 'antique' stuff, and no craft supplies, just handmade items. 3. No listing fees, you get charged when you sell. 4. Smaller than Etsy so you don't get completely lost in a sea of other sellers. I get the feeling on Etsy that the size of the jewelry section is on par with the population of Hoboken...

Anyway. I'll let you know when I have things available.

In the meantime, on other fronts, I am getting closer to my first solo flight. We've been practicing autorotations the last several lessons and this weekend my instructor wants me to come in for ground class so I'll be prepping for the written exam- after you solo you need to pass a written exam and an oral exam and get some night hours and solo hours and a cross-country flight before you can take your checkride with the FAA examiner. So there's that. And also I am dealing with a next-door neighbor who represents the first time I've actually called the police on someone, because it gets a little gross here. ) We'll see what happens from here on that front.

That's it for now. Hope your day is going well.