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( Jun. 20th, 2013 10:19 pm)
I've got a job.  I've worked there since Monday, I really really like it and I'm starting to feel competent at it.

Tomorrow, I get an IUD inserted.  I'm looking forward to this, too.  Since I'm not with someone with a vasectomy, it's time I take control of my own reproductive system again.  Also, it might make my periods lighter, which would be nice, given that they're generally so heavy that I've been anemic for years.

Speaking of, today has been such that I've seriously considered a home hysterectomy with a grapefruit spoon.  Ow.  Which is probably why I'm having the kind of night where I listen to "Being Alive" on YouTube, every freaking version I can find.  I love you, Mr. Sondheim, for the songs that reach in and rip my guts out. 

Also, lately, I've been thinking that if I were any more straightforward, I'd probably be downright transparent.  I've also been talking to a lot of people who challenge me mentally, to the point where I wonder if my brain really is made of swiss cheese and how it is that I've been not-thinking about some things that used to be very important to me, for years and years.  It's not bad, it's more like...waking up.  Or something.  But it makes me wonder how long I've been asleep and think that no wonder I needed such a damned huge kick in the pants to start the process.  It's a good process.  I needed it.  This isn't easy, but it's necessary and will ultimately be very rewarding.

Also.  No matter how many times I watch Up, that damned movie makes me cry EVERY TIME.


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