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( Jan. 11th, 2017 07:09 pm)
I've been heartsick since Election Day.  It isn't going away and it keeps getting worse.

This election has made me see that people would rather believe lies than do research.  They'd rather women died in childbirth than get abortions.  People would rather control women's sex lives than care for the children we do have.  People would rather keep seeing injustice happen based upon the color of one's skin than fix it.  People would rather let a child rapist, sexual predator, bigoted con man have the highest office in the country because he's white and rich than a woman get it.  (If you're going to comment with anything resembling "But Hilary", know that I won't want you as a friend afterwards, btw.  So careful with that.)

I feel like my government thinks I'm nothing more than a walking incubator, to be left to die when my childbearing years are over.

I want to believe better of people.  I really do.  And in my more rational moments, I know that over 3 MILLION people believe the same way I do and voted that way.  It just didn't matter.  The bad guys won.  And there are all these memes about "what you can do" and I'm trying and it does not help the sadness I feel, every day, with every new headline.  I still feel personally betrayed by my country.

Trump is disgusting.  But watching Ryan and McConnell use his attention grabbing techniques to push through ever-increasingly corrupt and venal laws and power grab exhausts me on a daily basis.  They think we don't notice.  We do.  And I'm afraid of what's coming because I'm afraid my son is going to be the one caught in the crossfire.


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