I've not been blogging because I don't know how to blog the constant state of "What did that stupid orange bastard do this time?" without ending up with ulcers.


On Saturday, I went to Pike Place Market with Shaun and Dayna.  (It was supposed to be Shaun, Dayna and Heidi, but Heidi ended up not going.  Pity.)  And we're parking and get out of the car and while Shaun's putting the parking receipt on the dashboard, this one-legged Buddhist monk on crutches comes over to me and Dayna.  And he takes a wooden-bead bracelet off his wrist and puts it on mine.  Then he does the same to Dayna.  Then he joins our hands, and starts praying over us.  (I'm assuming he was praying, it was in another language, he might have been cursing us out more nicely than I've ever heard.)  Then he asked for a donation.

Dayna didn't have any money.  I only had a few twenties.  I caved nearly immediately and gave him a twenty and felt very karmically pure after.  And I gave the bracelet to Abby and shared my karmic purity.

I've had a lot of people inform me that they wouldn't have given him anything, but really, it was good payment for the story.  

After all, I now get to say I was prayer-assaulted by a one-legged Buddhist monk.  It's like something out of David Lynch!
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