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( Jun. 23rd, 2015 09:35 pm)
Ok, first of all, I interviewed for my job yesterday.  (That's not as weird as it sounds: I've been temping at this place for nearly a year, so yesterday, I interviewed to go full time.)  There are three other candidates, so I'm not counting on it being mine.  Just really hoping.  There's a few more interviews to go, however.

Today was "Culture Day", which is kind of like orientation, except it happens a month to three months into the job.  It's not about your job skills, it's about the company and the mission statement, etc.  Since the department I'm temping with is HR, we're the ones who run it, so on Culture Days, I usually set up breakfast and lunch.  On Culture Days, I try to get in early.

Today.  Forgot my ORCA card at home.  (For you non-Seattleites, the ORCA system is this interestingly computerized system that means you tap an ORCA card on the reader and it automatically deducts money from the account.  You don't have to have an account by name, you can stick your card into a specialized machine and put money on it.  A lot of bigger companies will issue these cards, too.)  Dayna kindly ran it out to me, as I'd already made it to the bus stop.  (The bus stop is only about 3.5 blocks from the house, but it amounts to about half a mile and it's mostly uphill.)  The bus left as she was handing me the card.

Then, I got to the transit center, got my bagel, and made the second bus with about a minute to spare.  Great!  I missed my stop.  Not great.  I ended up at a Park & Ride not close to my job.  Also not great.  There's another bus that'll get off at the bus stop right by my work.  Great!  I got on the wrong bus.  (550 instead of 560.)  Not great.  Get off the bus on the first stop post-Park & Ride.  This wrong bus is the only one on this route.  Not great.  Walk an extra mile to work.  Very not great.  Get there 15 minutes early.  Great.  This is instead of 45 minutes early, which would have meant time to eat my bagel.  Not great.  As soon as I walked in, after walking over a mile and a half this morning: have to do more walking/standing to set up the breakfast.  Siiiiiigh.

I finally did get to sit, eat my bagel, try to drink some coffee that was SO BAD that I gave up and bought a bottled frappuccino out of sheer self-defense.  (I was so tired after all that, that I nearly fell asleep at work.  Even after the coffee.)  I also got to set up lunch later, no problem.  All of HR eats with the students on Culture Day.  It's fun.  Some of the executives join us, too.

Halfway through lunch, my back (left side, the cluster around the bottom of the rib cage,) clenched.  Or seized.  Clenched up was how it felt.  FUCKING HURT.  After lunch, I managed to swallow two ibuprofen.  By an hour later, they'd only put a dent in the pain.  (I carry stress in my back.  After months of not knowing if I'd even have a chance at a job, and then finding out I have a chance, but if someone else is a better fit, they'll hire them instead, my back decided that it had had enough.  Ow city.)  I ended up taking a taxi home because I couldn't have borne the bus.  (Luckily, that turned out to be 9 dollars, pre-tip.  As a once-in-a-blue-moon thing, that's affordable.) 

And now, I'm stressing about whether I'll even be able to make it to work tomorrow.  Did I mention Ow City?  Because really, the pain is quite intense, given that my natural state is to have a backache.  (Stupid large boobs.)


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