Ok, so, while the entire world is going ga-ga over Prometheus, (a movie I have zero interest in, because I am a fan of sleeping and my suspension of disbelief is awfully good,) I waited eagerly for Rock of Ages.

If you're looking for an intelligent movie with an insanely good plot, and the best covers of 80s hair rock that you've ever heard...this isn't it.

If you're looking for cheesy fun, with 80s montages, one of the funniest sex-scenes I've ever seen, a feel-good ending, and a soundtrack that's going to make you want to headbang and sing along?  This is your movie.  It was insane amounts of fun, with plenty of silly, and the actors looked like they were having a blast.  If it took itself seriously, it'd be Xanadu, but it didn't, and therefore, it's more reminiscent of the Broadway musical version of Xanadu.

Everyone was every bit as good as you'd expect them to be, and sometimes better.  There were interesting cameos, (D spotted Deborah Gibson next to Russell Brand in the sing-off against the fake PMRC, for instance,) and I have no idea how Paul Giametti can pretty much turn his eyeballs into dollar signs like in old Bugs Bunny cartoons, but his facial expression was perfect.  (When you see it, you'll know what scene I mean.)

Just...go see it.  Expect a piece of fluff and enjoy it as such, and you won't be disappointed.



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