So, as some of you know, in an effort to start being healthy, I joined a gym on Sunday.  (GREAT deal, too: one dollar signup fee.)

And I finally got my ass in gear today.  (I figured out I either needed new sweatpants or I needed to shave my legs and get a combination lock.  Locks are cheaper and don't require hemming.)  Mind you, my legs are EYE-BLINDING, FISHBELLY WHITE, and I hadn't gotten around to shaving them, but I figure if I could just freaking get over myself, it'd be better for me in general.  Besides, when one is fat, frumpy and forty, the only person caring about lightly hairy, blindingly white legs is the owner of said legs, no one else gives a damn, they're too busy thinking "why did I eat that damn cupcake?"  Well, maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I went, I did some stretches that I remember from my days of being 125 lbs and taking a LOT of karate, (which got me a lot more strange looks than the legs, does no one warm up before walking anymore?) and then went on a treadmill.

It wasn't much of a workout, all things considered.  I'm out of shape and I know it.  It was a 20 minute walk at about 2.5 mph for the vast majority of it, which ended up being 3/4 of a mile.  I worked up a sweat and felt good.  And man, did I grove to the playlist I made.  Some songs are just made for working up a sweat!  (Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin, for instance.)

What I also discovered is this: I am a LOT more flexible than one would think, for fat, frumpy and forty.  Those stretches I mentioned?  Think kinda like karate kicks, front/side/back, but instead of kicking,  you're just swinging your legs.  Except I can still get my legs to waist level on side kicks and higher for front kicks, and almost at waist level for back kicks.  I keep this up and I might get back to almost being able to do a full split again!

Anyway, that's my reason to feel good, today.  And it felt GOOD to move.



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