I'm trying to reach for the gratitude of having a life today, because I'm just not feeling it, I'm cranky and whiny and trying not to cry.

My car died, yesterday.  Surprisingly, it wasn't the tires, and it wasn't the oil, it was the transmission that blew.  To fix it would cost about 2800 dollars, although that's apparently from a rebuilt transmission, not from getting one out of a junker and having that installed.  I also can't actually afford insurance AND a car payment

This has me in a bit of a panic, because I have to have a car, I'm not working a job that's on a bus route, and it's one where I have to be there at 7 am, it's part of the job requirement.  D is being kind enough to loan me her car for work purposes, on days when she's not going on an interview and she's going to drive me on interview days.

So, the gratitude.

I have an awesome roommate who's being insanely kind.

The way my car went out (on a highway, no less,) didn't kill me.  It didn't even hurt me, it just inconvenienced me.

I have options of which kind of broke I want to be.

My ex was kind enough to come get me yesterday morning when I was having hysterics and drop me off at home.

I was only an hour late for work yesterday, thanks to the fact that I'd gotten a very early start.

AAA is a fucking BRILLIANT organization and thanks to the fact that we had AAA+, I could have my car towed to the auto place, and then back home when it turned out that there's no way I can get it fixed, and I didn't have to pay for that.

And I have a job.

Ok, that's it, that's about as grateful as I can manage, given that I'm still flipping out.  But I needed to remind myself of the good facts.


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